Global Real Assets Investment Forum

Aug 9th 2022
Four Seasons Hotel
Austin, TX

Finding the Balance in an Unbalanced Environment

After a big shift in the markets, a question that many investors are raising is, do you really need real assets in your portfolio? This is something we discussed at our, Global Real Assets Investment Forum on February 1st. The answer is, YES, there is indeed a need, but is it time to reevaluate the portfolios and your real assets investment objectives? 
The markets are unbalanced, but this is what the investors prepare their portfolios for, the unexpected shifts in the economy and the resilience of the investments. While there maybe some concerns with illiquidity of real assets, these myths are busted. Real assets provide portfolio diversification, inflation hedge and long term investment opportunities. Trends that once seemed to be a decade away, are hitting us now. Niche sectors are becoming more attractive. 
Is the real assets market moving on the momentum of pre-existing trends or are the new opportunities and priorities replacing the market? Investors will explore and identify the sectors, strategies and geographies that will dominate the market in the future. 


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Christina Wu, Investment Officer, Fort Worth Employees' Retirement Fund
Petya Nikolova, Head of Infrastructure Investments, New York City Retirement Systems
Ryan LeVasseur, Managing Director of Direct Real Estate, Rice University
T.C. Wilson, Chief Investment Officer, The Doctors Company
Matthew Craig, Investment Officer - Private Markets, Tufts
Zackery McGuire, Director of Investments, University of Georgia Foundation
Jason Love, Managing Director, Real Estate and Resource Investments, University of Virginia Investment Management Company (UVIMCO)
Shadrack Garity, Senior Investment Analyst, Utah Retirement Systems
Gregory Rozolsky, Investment Director, Wellesley College
Michal Pramik, Investment Director - Real Asset Strategies-Real Estate-Natural Resource Investments, Dartmouth College


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