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AII & III Pan-Institutional Roundtable, Miami

Feb 9th - Feb 11th 2022
The Miami Beach EDITION

With more and more institutional investors flocking to private markets and increasing their alternatives allocations, CIOs are facing pressure from key stakeholders and fiduciaries to construct a portfolio where private and public markets exposures converge to optimize performance, diversification, and risk management. As a result, effective portfolio construction is more complex than ever.

This complexity is driven by the distinct attributes and highly nuanced nature of public and private assets, which require specific expertise. So how are institutional investors thinking about the crossroads of public and private investments in their holistic portfolio and its underlying investments? Is a consolidated view possible – and how can asset managers help create such a view? And if achieved, what opportunities might emerge from a consolidated view? And what new risks emerge along with them?

Panel discussions will include:
Getting Your Credit Blend Right: Liquid? Illiquid? Structured? Private? Public? What should your strategy be, and what are the many personas of the fixed income portfolio today?

Proof Points on Diverse Teams
We’ve all heard about research that says diverse investment teams lead to better outcomes. Here’s what that looks like in practice.

Can You Satisfy ESG Expectations When You Heavy Up on Private Markets?
Is there enough transparency to satisfy your stakeholders? What are the overall challenges private markets present in the context of ESG? More important, what are the solutions or workarounds?