About Us


Institutional Investor Membership groups bring together senior executives in investment management, finance and business at Roundtable meetings so they can meet each other, discuss critical industry issues and, in some of the groups, market their services to major clients. We deliver unique, exclusive events for a highly qualified and strictly defined audience in an interactive format where everyone in attendance is able to contribute meaningfully to the discussion. We believe it is the exchange of information and experiences among peers that is the hallmark of truly relevant, productive events and it is that factor especially that sets us apart. Through long-lasting relationships developed in these groups, Delegates enjoy a trust and camaraderie as valuable as the specific insights they glean from the Roundtables.

Our attendees speak candidly and openly because no press is allowed and overt marketing is prohibited while interaction is encouraged and facilitated. Institutional Investor sessions are led by the world’s leading experts in various fields; all experts who are invited to present share the common goal of communicating practical solutions and providing the information that delegates require in order to succeed. Our forums are intimate, the seniority of our attendees is unparalleled, and we make every effort to ensure that networking is productive.