Investors are Getting Real About Post Pandemic Real Estate

Written by Alex Beveridge

Whether owned directly, or through securities, property has provided an attractive combination of current income, capital appreciation and returns that are not closely correlated with stocks and bonds. 

But the COVID crisis is raising important questions about future patterns of working and living, and this may exert a major impact on property markets.

Will office workers continue to work from home in large numbers, and if so, how will that impact central city office properties?

Will families continue to move from major urban centres to less densely population locations, and if so, what will that do to housing markets?

Will the upsurge in online retailing accelerate the decline in shopping centres and other retail properties while bringing substantial increases in the value of warehouses and fulfilment centres?

In short, in real estate, as in some many realms, post-pandemic, investors must determine what will “go back to normal,” and what will become a “new normal?”

This crucial question for property investors will be taken up at Institutional Investor’s European Pensions & Investment Roundtable to be held in Copenhagen on September 29 through October 1, 2021.

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