Donation to Second Harvest Japan Food Bank


In honor of the Most Honored Company Award recipients of the 2020 Japan Executive Team survey, Institutional Investor Research is proud to have donated the equivalent of 4,000 meals to Second Harvest Japan, a food bank in Japan that has been working to improve food security for those in need while helping companies deliver their food donations to those in need.

Earlier in March 2021, Michael Clemons, II Research Director (Japan) congratulated the CEOs and CFOs for their achievements in the 2020 Japan Executive Team survey by awarding the II Research crystal awards to them in person. He comments: "We normally would host an awards dinner at a hotel to celebrate the recipients and we postponed all throughout 2020 until we reached the edge. So, we reached out to the Most Honored companies and asked who would be willing to receive in person albeit socially distanced or make an acceptance speech online. For every CEO or CFO who received in person, we would be making a donation to Second Harvest where we volunteered during the height of the COVID lockdown because without more volunteers they could not keep up the demand of people pushed to the edge from being furloughed or simply needing help. This is part of our highlighting the “S” in ESG and what we can do for society in the course of our business of highlighting excellent companies and executives."

Below are some testimonials of the Second Harvest recipients:



I never thought it would become such a difficult world. I am very grateful that I received a supply of food after losing job and barely being able to afford to pay my living expenses. After things go back to normal I’d like to help those who need aid too. I was so happy that I was in tears on my way home after receiving so much food. Really appreciate it!



I cannot say how grateful I am. Thank you so much for the help as I couldn’t tell my child there was not enough food as a single mother. I liked the rice the most. The whole process was smooth and I really appreciate it very much.



Thank you very much. I can’t even think about the quality of the food as the food was relatively expensive and the price of vegetables was soaring. Due to the many types of food I received this time, I could buy vegetables too. I am really grateful.


この度は、ほんとありがとうございました(><) 私はコロナの影響で、仕事を失い、またこの時期に子供が産まれたので、家計のやりくりが、すごく大変でした。

Thank you so much for helping me during such difficult times. I lost my job because of COVID and gave birth to my child so it was very helpful to receive such support.





My kid is growing fast and eats a lot so the food supply was truly helpful! I think it would be nice if this kind of support could reach families such as single-parent, elderly and others who need support. Thank you very much especially as it’s a holiday today! 



子供達も休校で働きにも行けず、 そんな中でも食べさせてあげないといけない 食料助かりました。本当にありがとうございました

Due to the Corona virus, my income dropped. I cannot go to work as my kids stay at home due to school closure. Even so, I had to feed them. Food support was helpful. Thank you very much.


学童とかで毎日お弁当になりかなり食費が倍ぐらいになって予算的に大変な時期になっていたので ありがとうございました。

Thank you for all the food, including rice.

Thank you for the support. It was a difficult time due to doubled expenses of preparing lunch boxes every day for after-school childcare and so on.



事も厳しい中、普通の家庭も普通じゃなくなってきていました。ですので、受給の制限が無かったの で、とても嬉しかったです。、帰りの車で息子に、今回はもらう立場だけど、将来、与える側になれるように(ものだけでなく、想いや、癒しを)頑張って、勉強してねと話しました。スタッフの皆さんも暑 い中ありがとうございました。将来「うさがみそーれープロジェクトゆいまーる編!」のメンバーに、うちの子供か関われたらとおもいます。

For the first time, I received support. Neither am I a single mother or do I have a lot of children, but even my household was faring worse. I was very happy because there were no restrictions on receiving benefits. On my way home in my car, I told my son that we were in a position to receive this time, but he should study hard and return something (not only things, but also thoughts and healing). Thank you to all the staff for your hard work in the hot weather. In the future, my children and I can be involved in "Usagamisore Project Yuimaru Hen!" as volunteer members.