The Modernization of the 60/40 Portfolio

Feb 15th 2022
1-1:55 PM ET

This tried and true formula may not be enough in the current environment, and Alts may provide the much needed lift advisors need.

The traditional 60-40 balanced portfolio has a long and storied history in the world of investing. However, in the current environment of low yields, elevated valuations within the equity market, double-digit inflation, and the many uncertainties around the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the wealth management industry is looking for new ways to diversify. Could alternative investments prove to be the solution? Do illiquid strategies like private real estate, private credit, cannabis lending and digital currencies have a place in client portfolios?

Join us at the RIA Institute as our panel of experts explore and debate some non-traditional opportunities that are available to bolster investment returns in  the current environment.

2022 Advisory Board

Investments & Portfolio Construction

Michael W. Crook, CAIA, Chief Investment Officer, Mill Creek Capital Advisors, LLC

Daniel S. Kern, CFA, CFP, Chief Investment Officer and Shareholder, TFC Financial Management, Inc.

Carl Ludwigson, CFA, CQF, Director of Manager Research, Bel Air Investment Advisors

Adam Phillips, CFA, CFP, Managing Director, Portfolio Strategy / Partner, EP Wealth Advisors

Eddie Phillips, Director of Private Investments, Heritage Wealth Advisors

Michael Ashley Schulman, CFA, Partner / Chief Investment Officer, Running Point Capital Advisors

Ronald J. Smolenski, Jr., CIMA, Managing Director of Research, Pitcairn

Scott Sorensen, CFA, Principal & Founder, Vigilant Capital Management

David Sterman, CFP, President and CEO, Huguenot Financial Planning

Practice Management and Culture

Michael Bisaro, AIF, President and CEO, StraightLine Group

Jeffrey J. Burney, Chief Strategy Officer, Crestone Capital

Jonathan Foster, President & CEO, Angeles Wealth Management

Carina Diamond, Chief Experience Officer and Managing Partner, Dakota Wealth Management

Michelle Katzen, CFP, CDFA, Managing Director, HCR Wealth Advisors

Seán O'Dowd, CFA, Managing Director, Silvercrest Asset Management

Lauren Sigman CFP, Managing Director, Principal, Robertson Stephens

Debra Brennan Tagg, CFP, President, BFS Advisory Group

Natalia Tchetchoulina, Partner, Cerity Partners

Erin Voisin, CFP, EA, CDFA, ChFC, Managing Director – Wealth Management Services/ Partner, EP Wealth Advisors

Impact & Implementation

Toussaint Bailey, Chief Executive Officer, Enso Wealth Management

Steve Ellis, CFA, Founder and President, Colorado Capital Management 

Jennifer Kenning, CEO & Co-Founder, Align Impact

Bud Sturmak, CO-CIO and Partner, Perigon Wealth Management

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