2019 Global West Government Funds Roundtable

Apr 3rd - Apr 5th 2019
The Landmark London

At the Global West Government Funds Roundtable, our flagship Roundtable, we gather senior investment officials from major sovereign wealth funds, central bank reserve management funds, government pension funds and the largest public pension plans from all corners of the globe. Discussion topics include global macro-level trends, asset allocation, investment strategy, governance, leadership and organization, risk management, ESG, alternative investments and technology innovations, among others.

This event is underwritten and supported by members of the Sovereign Investor Institute.

Advisory Board

Torbjorn Hamnmark

Head of Strategic Asset Allocation​

Ricardo Martinelli

Head of Investment Division
Central Bank of Brazil

Olivier Rousseau

Executive Director, Co-Chief Executive Officer​
Fonds de Reserve pour les Retraites (FRR)

Ahmad Zulqarnain Onn

Deputy Managing Director​
Khazanah Nasional Berhad
Kuala Lumpur

Raivo Vanags

Head of Market Operations Department and Board Member​
Bank of Latvia

David Hunter

Executive Director / Chief Investment Officer​
North Dakota State Investment Board
Bismarck, ND

Jaap van Dam

Principal Director​, Investment Strategy

Jim Christensen

Managing Director, Global Multi-Asset
Queensland Investment Corporation

Philip Wabulya

Executive Director Petroleum Investment Fund
Bank of Uganda​

Kristian Flyvholm

Head of Reserve Management​
Central Bank of the UAE
Abu Dhabi


For event content and investor relations:

Emma Whittingham

Director, Programming
+1 212 224 3609

Su Lau

Assistant Director, Government Fund and Investor Relations
+1 212 224 3600

For membership and sales:

Lori Davis

Director, Memberships
+1 212 224 3923

Laura Muller

Membership Coordinator
+1 212 224 3678


Topics To Be Covered
  • Uncertainty in 2019: The Biggest Risks to Global Economic Growth
  • How are Government Funds Investing in a Global System under Pressure?
  • A New Era for Fixed Income: Rising Rates, Trade Tensions
  • Future Proofing your Infrastructure Portfolio
  • New Worries in Private Debt and Credit Markets
  • Building Sustainable Private Market Portfolios in a Turbulent World
  • Emerging Markets: The New Engine of Global Growth?
  • Can Smart Beta and Factor-Based Investing help Generate Alpha in a Changing Environment?
  • Optimal Organisation for Investment Success in 2025
  • Innovations in Private Equity and Partnerships: A Robust Asset in a Rocky World?
  • Government Funds 2.0: Embracing Technology and Innovation for Organizational Success
  • Stewards of Long-term Capital and the Importance of ESG
  • The Next Wave of Reserve Management