Watch: Redefining Fixed Income & Credit


Institutional Investor welcomed back our community of fixed income investors at the recent Redefining Fixed Income & Credit Symposium. For those of you who could not attend, we are delighted to showcase some key sessions led by our asset manager partners. Watch below to learn how these experts navigate fixed income portfolios during the current market environment. 


High Yield Amidst An Uncertain Environment - What Are We Watching? 

Interview with Tom Ross, Corporate Credit Portfolio Manager at Janus Henderson Investors

With a plethora of headwinds driving markets and elevated uncertainty, high yield investors in 2022 have faced a challenging start to the year. What factors should high yield investors be focusing on at this point in the credit cycle? How can investors best exploit high yield investing? This session will explore these topics alongside the outlook for the asset class.


Building Sustainable EM Debt Portfolios for the Future

Presentation by Tom Peberdy, Investment Director at Ninety One

Investing into countries in Emerging markets that are focussed on a sustainable future presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges. This session will discuss ways in which institutional asset owners can do this.



Challenges and Trade-Offs for ESG Fixed Income Investors - Geopolitics Climate Transition and Green Bonds

Presentation by Stephen Yeats, Senior Managing Director, Global Head of Fixed Income Beta Solutions at State Street Global Advisors

Just how should asset owners balance their risk/return objectives with Impact? Should investors combine Green Bonds in a broader Corporate Credit Climate strategy? What are some of the lasting impacts of recent geopolitical developments on ESG Investing? This presentation will discuss some of the latest industry thinking on these issues and how investors are integrating the latest measurement methodologies into their portfolios.



Commodity Shocks, Inflation, Recovery, Sanctions and Currency Volatility - What Is On & Off the Menu for EMD Investors?

Interview with Flavio Carpenzano, Investment Director at Capital Group

Already poised for a slower recovery from the pandemic than developed markets from a public health perspective. Emerging markets are also more likely to feel the negative effects the global economic headwinds of high inflation, sanctions, and high commodity prices. How will this feed into their economies? What are the options for EMD investors and where should they be looking for opportunities?






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