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Private Credit Forum - Toronto 2024

Sep 26th 2024
The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto
Toronto, Canada
Fertile Ground or Fragile Bubble?
Deciphering the Future of Private Credit Investment


It is no surprise that the private credit market has boomed in the last few years, what’s truly surprising is the continued growth amid the rising concerns, presenting both opportunities and challenges for investors.

What are the driving forces behind this unprecedented growth?

The retreat of traditional lenders, spurred by tightened lending standards created a void eagerly filled by private credit providers. By the third quarter of 2023, direct lenders accounted for a staggering 86% of LBOs, up from 65% in 2021.

But like all things, private credit is not created equal, winners and losers will emerge! The savvy manager may have an opportunity to shine, yet those lacking such savvy may face turbulent waters.

Join us on September 26, 2024, in Toronto, Canada, as we explore the trends in private credit market with growing specialism for asset managers with niche and diverse sectors, a global perspective, and the implications of regulatory landscape on the private credit markets.

2024 Advisory Board

Ryan Teal, Head of North America Operational Due Diligence, Albourne Partners

Lauren Fradglely, Director, BCI

David Colla, Managing Director, Head of Americas Leveraged Finance, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board

Allie Bradford, Managing Director - Capital Solutions, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board

Andrew Edgell, Senior Managing Director and Global Head of Credit Investments, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB)

Dhinesh Ganapathiappan, Senior Investment Officer, Head of Private Markets, City of San Jose

Leighton Shantz, Managing Director, Credit & Hedge Funds, Employees Retirement System of Texas

Richard Inzunza, Director of Private Credit, Employees Retirement System of Texas

Matt Meads, Director - Public & Private Debt, Hershey Trust Company

Fernando Martinez, Portfolio Manager, Global Credit, IMCO

Jennifer Hartviksen, Managing Director of Global Credit, Investment Management Corporation of Ontario (IMCO)

Ping Zhu, Senior Portfolio Manager, Johnson & Johnson

Matt Stoeckle, Director, Liberty Mutual Investments

Joe Rumph, Manager, Absolute Return and Fixed Income, MacArthur Foundation

Mike Fang, Senior Portfolio Manager, Maryland State Retirement Agency

Adam Kobor, Managing Director of Investments, New York University

Sean Sarraf, Lead Portfolio Manager, Private Credit, Pennsylvania Public School Employees' Retirement System

François Rozon, Vice President, Credit and Private Investment Risk, PSP Investments

Eunice McHugh, Director, Private Credit, San Francisco City & County Employees' Retirement System

Dan Quigley, Senior Investment Manager, State of Michigan

Michael Phillips, Head of Credit, Special Opportunities, Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS)

Amy Penn, Managing Director, Credit and Hedge Funds, Texas County & District Retirement System

Helen Pham, CFA, Portfolio Manager, Private Investments, Toronto Transit Commission Pension Plan

Aiman El-Nahas, Associate Director, Private Debt, University Pension Plan

Kevin Bliss, Investment Officer, Private Credit Portfolio, Virginia Retirement System

Kaylon McInelly, Associate Vice President, Investments, West Virginia University Foundation

Ben Bowman, Senior Investment Officer, Wyoming Retirement System

Matthew Hoffman, Investment Associate, YMCA Retirement Fund


For asset managers interested in participating, please contact:
Giorgio Tupini
Head of Sales, North America
(212) 224-3862

For asset allocators looking for further information, please contact:
Arch Kapur
Executive Director, Investor Relations
(212) 224-3639