Institutional Investor Institute

2023 Allocators Choice Roundtable

Sep 12th 2023
Studio Gather at 45 Rock
New York, NY

Prior to this year’s Allocator Choice Awards, Institutional Investor will be hosting an afternoon of peer-to-peer conversation and idea exchange around this year’s major themes and challenges – The ACA Roundtable offers a unique opportunity for ACA Award Nominees to meet with other senior investment professionals from some of the nation’s largest pension plans and retirement systems, at a special event being held at The Rockefeller Center in New York.

The afternoon will be filled with allocator and investment experts literally dissecting the year’s biggest stories, from AI to crypto, Public to Private Markets and more. During the afternoon, you will gain valuable insight on emerging trends, as well as hearing first-hand what your peers are thinking and doing.

To conclude the afternoon, we will hear from one of our ACA award winners in an interview with II’s own Julie Segal. Their inspiration and vision will be a perfect way to conclude the event and lead us into the Awards Dinner at the Mandarin Oriental. The event promises to be an engaging and informative gathering, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among your community.


For institutional investors looking for more information, please contact:

Archana Kapur

Managing Director, Global Head of Investor Relations

For asset managers looking for more information, please contact:

Giorgio Tupini

Head of Sales, North America