Redefining Fixed Income Forum

Jul 20th - Jul 21st 2022
1:00 - 3:00pm EST

A Recap and Look Ahead: Making Strides Forward

While the last two years have been challenging for investors, there is always opportunity hiding somewhere in these times. With the continuing inflationary environment, investors’ focus is on building the portfolio for the future and not lingering on the past. There is rising interest in private markets, what are the challenges investors are facing? -- Is it time to be defensive or proactive? 
With anxiety over economic uncertainty, tightening monetary policy and rising geopolitical concerns, what are the challenges and key opportunities for constructing better performing portfolios? 
“Successful Investing is about Managing Risk, not avoiding it” – Benjamin Graham, American economist

Advisory Board

Nate Molinari, Investment Office, Aegis Insurance Service
Maria Skuratovskaya, Senior Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation
Hiren Patel, Head of Investments, Bright Health Group
Leighton A. Shantz, Director of Fixed Income, Employees Retirement System of Texas
Keith Bareman, Director of Fixed-Income and Credit, Indiana Public Retirement System
Mike Hackmann, CFA, CAIA, Vice President of Investments, Investments Department, Shelter Insurance Companies
Joseph M. Rumph, Manager, Absolute Return and Fixed Income, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Daniel Quigley, Senior Investment Manager - Bureau of Investments, Michigan Department of Treasury
Adam Kobor, Managing Director of Investments, New York University
Andrew W. Russell, Director of Fixed Income Investments, United Church of Christ Pension Boards
Robert Thompson, CFA, CAIA, Senior Portfolio Manager – Credit, UPS Group Trust


Brandywine Global Investment Management
Camden Asset Management
Columbia Threadneedle Investments
Capital Group
iShares by BlackRock
PGIM Fixed Income
Reams Asset Management
State Street Global Advisors
T. Rowe Price
Voya Investment Management


For asset allocators looking for further information, please contact:
Daniel Murray
Director, Investor Relations
Phone: (212) 224-3042