European Multi Family Office Symposium, London 2023

Oct 10th 2023
The Landmark London

Institutional Investor is pleased to announce the second meeting for Multi-Family Offices in Europe will take place this October in London. We invite your organisation to partner with us on the launch of this new and exciting engagement opportunity that will offer a platform for off-the-record, candid conversations with Europe’s leading Multi-Family Office representatives.  

We aim to offer a forum in which a variety of perspectives, ideas and viewpoints will be provided on critical issues and how to navigate a multi-family office through them. The meeting will use a variety of formats to achieve this goal, including expert presentations, small working groups, family-only sessions and workshops.


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Advisory Board


Marina Nitsa Viergutz, Partner, Investment ManagerArieli Capital Limited, Switzerland 

Boris Jurczyk, Head of Liquid AssetsAURETAS family trust, Germany

Patrick Stutz, CIO, Bayshore Capital Advisors LLC, Switzerland

Michael Bellabarba, Deputy CIOBedrock Group, United Kingdom  

Robert Sears, Partner & CIO, Capital Generation Partners, United Kingdom 

Mark Cunningham, Partner, Holbein Partners, United Kingdom

James Wilcox, Head of Private OfficesFloreat Group, United Kingdom

Belal Khan, Executive Director, Chief Investment OfficerGeneva Management Group, Switzerland 

Adina Krausz, CEO, InnoSource by Toledo Capital AG, Switzerland

Chris Rossbach, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer of the FirmJ. Stern & Co 

Robert Rayner, Client AdvisorSaranac Partners, United Kingdom

Marc Buchli, Chief Commercial OfficerSilverhorn Group, Switzerland

Paul Reynolds, Chief Executive OfficerThamesis Limited, United Kingdom

Mark Florman, CEO, Time Partners Limited, United Kingdom

Wim Allegaert, Board MemberTruncus Wealth, Belgium

Adam Wethered, Chairman, Wren Investment Office, United Kingdom


Last Years agenda covered topics such as:


  • Four big counterpoint themes - What are investors missing?
  • Volatility, uncertainty & opportunity: How to invest in the current geopolitical climate
  • Transitioning to a circular economy - A unique multi-decade high return opportunity for investors
  • Understanding the implications of the democratisation of private assets 
  • Looking to the future: What is on the 30 year horizon?

For more information or general enquiry, please contact:

Alex Beveridge


For Asset Managers interested in sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Jonathon Rocchi

Sales Director

+44 (0) 207 779 8531