East Coast Single Family Office Symposium

May 10th 2023
Four Seasons
Fort Lauderdale, FL

This is Institutional Investor's first-ever East Coast Single Family Office Symposium, taking place on May 10th, 2023.


With the success of a 20-year run at our West Coast Family Office Wealth Conference, we will draw together Single-Family Office executives and ultra-high net worth individuals form across the East Coast for a one-day event.


A blend of presentations, panels, workshops, and Family Office-only investment discussions, the agenda will address topics including: the current macro landscape, private market opportunities, climate change, sustainability, biotech, healthcare, generational challenges, cybersecurity and many others.



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Advisory Board

Markus Kalina, Managing Director, Atalo Capital (New York, NY)

Ned Brines, Chief of Investment Strategy, Arnel & Affiliates (Los Alamitos, CA)

Ron Macleod, Managing Partner, Chief Operating Officer, Managing Trustee, Baciu Family Capital and Management (Orange County, CA)

Mehmet Budak, Founder & Chief Investment Officer, Bessley Capital, LLC (Alexandria, VA)

Avinash Sarwal, Chief Investment Officer, Bikaner Advisors (Montreal, Canada)

Clay Bradley, Vice President, Eno Farms, Inc. (Atlanta, GA)

Paul Hwang, Manager, Fiduciam (Los Angeles, CA)

Bei Saville, Chief Investment Officer, Fingerboard Family Office (New York, NY)

Jordan Stein, Vice President of Investments, Ilitch Family Office (New York, NY)

Sid Malhotra, Chief Investment Officer, Kactus Capital (NY)

Robert Terrell, Director of Investments, Karlin Asset Management (Los Angeles, CA)

Josh Roach, Managing Director, Meritage Group (Greenwich, CT)

Kerri Scott, COO, Mt Vernon Investments (Dallas, TX)

Lopa Desai, Managing Director, Niraat (San Francisco, CA)

Clay Drury, Chief Investment Officer, North Star Investments (Lake Forest, IL)

Richard Feldman, Managing Director, Rijo Investment Group (Encino, CA)

Clive Fleissig, President and Co-Founder, Rochester Advisors (Los Angeles, CA)

Doug Bryant, President, Settco Management LLC (Pierre Part, LA)

Tommy Mayes, Executive Advisor, Sungate Capital LLC (Winter Park, FL)

Erik Landsness, CEO, TAMCAP (San Francisco, CA)

Michelle Clements, Board Member, Investment Committee Member, Synergy Trust Partners (Jackson, WY)

Fritzi Hallock, Principal, The Greenland Corporation (Baltimore, MD)

Doit Koppler, Managing Director & Treasurer, Third Security LLC (Radford, VA) 


For asset managers interested in participating, please contact:

Bob Edmunds

Senior Executive Director

Cell: 646-634-8464

E-mail: Robert.edmunds@institutionalinvestor.com

For asset allocators looking for further information, please contact:

Lauren Feldman

Executive Director, Global Head of Wealth Management

c: (646) 552-0419

e: lauren.feldman@institutionalinvestor.com