The Changed World…. What is the Next Normal?

The events of 2020 had everyone on alert, and it would be unrealistic if we ignore it. Investors generally progress from the ups and downs of market. But this was one of a kind crashes that no one saw coming – maybe hypothetically prepared themselves until it was the reality we lived in for months. Theoretically, we prepare for disasters, but how realistically the plans work when put to test? Were you able to make Lemonade out of Lemons?  No matter how diversified the portfolios are or what geographies you had explored, everyone had to learn to tackle with this because it rapidly became a global phenomenon.

Usually, I would agree it is time to move on and look towards the future, but this time – let’s talk about the year 2020 in a flash, what worked and what did not. What are some of the lessons learned that we are taking into 2021? From disasters to the politics and to all types of investments in all parts of the world. It is time to leave some things behind but embrace some of things we learned, for the years to come. Because the paradigm has shifted and this time, “Change” meant, a global history being made and the "next normal" we step into.

As said,

~ Change is not a threat, it’s an opportunity. Survival is not a goal, transformative success is ~

-  Seth Godin

Preliminary Agenda



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