Private Equity Summit - West Coast 2020

Jan 1st 1970
The Beverly Hilton
Los Angeles


The Private Equity Summit - West Coast previously scheduled for April 28, 2020 is currently being rescheduled, new date coming soon!


At Institutional Investor Forum’s 2020 West Coast Private Equity Summit, GPs and LPs will meet to compare notes on the current investment opportunity set in private equity, VC and debt. What are GPs and LPs doing to enhance their respective investment processes and improve investment outcomes? How are faster fund cycles and longer investment horizons shaping LP appetite going into 2020?


Competition Spurs Innovation: Private Capital Goes Mainstream

Soaring asset prices and growing stockpiles of dry powder have the thousands of GPs and LPs in the approximately $6 trillion private equity and debt ecosystem on edge. The upshot is that GPs are becoming more creative and LPs more responsive. Innovative data analysis, deal customization and new liquidity pools are going mainstream. At the same time, mega-funds are proliferating— including in H2 2019 the largest ever tech fund and buyout fund. Are growth and IPO withdrawals sustainable? How are geopolitical friction, macroeconomic uncertainty and the looming U.S. Presidential election influencing asset allocation decision-making? Are views on relative valuations changing?

Advisory Board

Anurag Pandit, Chief Investment Officer, ALSAC/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Susan Yun Lee, Managing Director of Investments, Broad Foundation
Andrew Kelsen, Portfolio Manager, Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund
Dana Johns, Senior Portfolio Manager, Maryland State Retirement & Pension Systems
Jennifer Johnson, Manager, Hedge Funds & Private Equity, MoDOT & Patrol Employees Retirement System
Thomas Jeppensen, Deputy CIO, Novant Health
Reggie Tucker, Managing Director – Investments, Orange County Employees Retirement System
Lisa M. Vazquez, Investment Officer, Private Equity, Partners HealthCare
Jean-François Bureau, Senior Vice President and Chief Risk Officer, PSP Investments
Jim Donohue, Deputy CIO, Sacramento County Employees' Retirement System (SCERS)
Christopher Chow, Director, Real Assets, San Francisco City & County Employees' Retirement System
Chris Eckerman, Portfolio Manager - Private Equity, Co-Investments, State of Wisconsin Investment Board
Chris Schelling, Director – Private Equity, Texas Municipal Retirement System
Brian T. Neale, Vice President of Investments, University of Nebraska Foundation
Patrick Pace, Director – Healthcare and Lower/Middle Markets, UTIMCO
Shane McAndrew, Chief Investment Officer, Villanova University

  • How do mega-funds compare to smaller funds across IRR and cash flow multiples?
  • Not just how you are preparing for the next recession, but can you prepare for the next recession? Are those strategies really uncorrelated? What will premiums to public equity look like over the next decade?
  • A discussion on the quality of what goes into reported earnings and how firms are assessing valuations
  • Is there appetite for ESG in the private markets?
  • Benchmarking: How are LPs reporting the fees they pay? How are they meeting their staffing challenges and structuring compensation?
  • The state of LP-consultant relationships: How are LPs working with their consultants to generate fresh ideas?
  • The rise of buy-and-build: The approaches GPs are employing to compete more effectively, add value and deploy cash
  • Private credit: What niche strategies (do you think) provide lower correlations to public and private equity?
  • A look at innovation in the secondaries market including GP-led fund recapitalizations, strip sales and single-asset fund recaps. Are LPs able to apply previous lessons learned to these new types of transactions?
  • New investment strategies for liquidity, including senior asset-backed financing, preferred equity, contractual waterfalls and joint ventures
  • Keeping a steady commitment pace in light of faster funding cycles
  • How do LPs deal with the uptick in subscription credit lines and cross-fund investments? What are best practices in use and disclosure of subscription credit lines, and what are their impact on returns? How are expenses being accounted for?
  • The technology growth story in China is still going strong. What is the relative value proposition of private equity versus public equity in China? What are the top ideas from GPs and LPs for accessing this market?
  • Sourcing opportunities globally—beyond the U.S. and China
  • Going long innovation—hunting, tacking, and scratching your way into the top VC funds
  • Co-investing: relationships, due diligence, resources. What makes a good partner? Will LPs gravitate towards sponsor-less deals?


For more on the Summit contact:

Scott Cohen

Executive Director, Inestor Relations
212 224 3647