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Legal & Governance Trends for Asset Management Firms 2022

Apr 1st 2022
12:00 PM - 3:30 PM EST
Virtual Meeting

This meeting has evolved as the thinking around corporate governance, shareholder engagement, and active litigation has developed and matured. It began as a forum for public pension plans focused primarily on corporate governance and then became the meeting known as the Evolving Fiduciary Obligations of Pension Plans, taking on a more shareholder engagement perspective

A few years ago, again as the openness to and use of these tools became more developed, the meeting was renamed to the Evolving Obligations of Institutional Investors so as to reflect the growing acceptance and usage of active engagement and shareholder litigation abilities by asset management firms globally.

Now the meeting has achieved its maturity as the forum assessing and evaluating Litigation & Governance Trends for Asset Management Firms.

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Special Guest
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Chuck Todd

NBC News Political Director and Moderator of
Meet the Press and MTP Daily  

Fifty years from now, one journalist will be the voice and face of our political era-and that journalist is Chuck Todd. A self-described political junkie, he has earned a reputation as one of the most passionate journalists and sharpest analysts in American media. He is NBC News' political director, the moderator and managing editor of Meet the Press - the flagship Sunday morning public affairs program and the longest-running broadcast in television history, and the host of MTP Daily. Influencers and competitors praise him as "a tireless reporter" with "an encyclopedic knowledge of politics" and the ability to "break down barriers and get people off of their talking points." With what Washingtonian calls a "savant-like knowledge of politics," he has become a fixture in the White House press room, a steady and constant presence on television, and a tireless voice on the campaign trail. His up-to-the-minute poll analysis and insightful commentary have made him one of the most sought-after voices in American political coverage.

Advisory Board

Ian N. Rose
General Counsel, Brandes Investment Partners

David Muckley
CCO & Head of Legal, Legal & General Investment Management America

Brian Canfield
Associate General Counsel, Lord Abbett & Co. LLC

Michael Ramirez
Attorney, Pacific Life Insurance Company

Robert Toner
Chief Legal Counsel, William Blair & Company






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Audience Director
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