2018 Evolving Fiduciary Obligations of Institutional Investors

Jun 25th - Jun 26th 2018
Hyatt Regency Savannah
Savannah, GA
The End of an Era. The Beginning of a New, Different One?

In this ninth year now, in conjunction with co-host Kessler Topaz Meltzer & Check LLP, and with the essential input of an Advisory Board of your peers, we will offer a thorough overview of the landscape within which legal teams at both public plans and at asset management firms are operating to fulfill their obligations as fiduciaries and active shareholders. And in turn, how they may better leverage strategies and achieve objectives within this environment to meet both their individual as well as the community’s shared objectives.

Emphasizing real-world examples of how institutional shareholders are engaging with the companies they invest in, this event will review the most crucial legal decisions, regulatory actions, and developments legal decision-makers should be aware of. So we very much look forward to greeting you in Savannah this June.


Kessler Topaz Meltzer & Check


The Forum agenda was developed under the guidance of the Advisory Board to ensure the latest trends and most relevant topics will be conferred. 

2018 Agenda

Advisory Board
  • Jim O’Connor, Managing U.S. Counsel, Aberdeen Asset Management
  • Brian J. Bartow, General Counsel, CalSTRS
  • Michael D. Herrera, Senior Staff Counsel, Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association
  • Margaret Daun, Milwaukee County Corporate Counsel, Milwaukee County Employees’ Retirement System
  • Jennifer J. Peet, Director of Legal Affairs, Oregon State Treasury
  • Robert Gaumer, General Counsel, Sacramento County Employees’ Retirement System
  • Catherine E. LaMarr, General Counsel, State of Connecticut Retirement Plans & Trust Fund
  • Brian J. Goodman, Legal Affairs and Compliance Coordinator, Virginia Retirement System
  • Gerald Lins, General Counsel, Voya Investment Management
  • Pressures from Within and Pressures from Without: Are Legal Issues Changing Your Fund’s Investment Behavior?

  • Redefining “Fiduciary”: Ramifications for the Asset Management Industry and for Engaged Investors

  • Facebook, Zuckerberg and Perpetual Control (Pending confirmation)

  • Breakfast Discussion Tables:

    • Table 1: Applying ESG Principles to Your Own Firm

    • Table 2: Should CEOs and the Companies They Represent Be More Outspoken on Social and Political Issues?

    • Table 3: What Are the Active Ownership Consequences of the Increasing Concentration of Institutional Ownership?

    • Table 4: When Debating ESG Standards, Should More Consideration Be Made for Local Norms and Beliefs?

    • Table 5: The Role and Purpose of Litigation in Being a Proper Fiduciary

  • Breaking News: A Look Around the Globe with Ted Koppel

  • Have We Begun to Understand the Investment, Legal and Compliance Ramifications of Data-Driven Investing?

  • Case Studies Series: Grappling with the Growing Array of Obstacles in Pursuing non-US Actions Post-Morrison

  • Workshop Series:

    • A: Cyber-Security Inside and Outside Your Plan: What Controls and Processes Do Your Managers and Co-Parties Need to Have in Place?

    • B: ESG as an Investment Risk Mitigator: A Concept Driven By Supply or By Demand?

    • C: Why Hasn’t Tax-Shifting and Other Tax Issues Become a Bigger Governance Concern for US Investing Institutions?



For more information, please contact:

Ann Cornish

Audience Director
(212) 224-3877