Institutional Investor Festival

Jan 16th - Jan 18th 2024
11:00 a.m. EST / 16:00 p.m. GMT
Virtual Event

Join us for Institutional Investor's annual II Festival. This virtual meeting will be hosting three industry veterans who will share their insights with the II community. It presents the perfect opportunity to conclude 2023 and set our sights on 2024, alongside some of the nation's foremost allocators and commentators.

The Institutional Investor Festival will bring allocators and consultants of all types and sizes, from across the continent, together with Members of the Institutional and Alternative Investor Institutes.


Key themes that will be addressed include:


How to plan for the next crisis in light of domestic and global affairs?
We live in a time of multiple crises — from wars to bank collapses and business failures. So what are the best practices when it comes to anticipating the worst-case scenario and dealing with risk? How should investors think about the recent rise in geopolitical risk and policy uncertainty? Is it cyclical or structural? Predictable or random? What are the most salient geopolitical risks over the coming year? How are they likely to impact different regions and asset classes?

The State of the Real Estate market? 

About $1.2 trillion of debt on U.S. commercial real estate is “potentially troubled” because it’s highly leveraged. Property values are falling and costs rise for landlords who need to refinance at higher interest rates. Will some of these flagship properties be turned over from RE managers to large pensions – as they will be the only select few to absorb these assets? What does it mean for investment offices in potentially managing direct real estate deals? What is the fall-out and how can allocators prepare/foresee what is yet to come?

How Will Private Markets Fair in 2024? 

As Kim Lew aptly stated, "Now that the risk-free option is providing 4 to 5 percent, shouldn't private market managers aim to surpass that?" Looking ahead to 2024, we will explore the future of the private markets program and how allocators should strategically approach private market investments.


Institutional Investors

Arch Kapur

Asset Managers

David Braham