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2020 Virtual E&F Annual Roundtable

Sep 14th - Sep 17th 2020
1:00 p.m. EST
Virtual Event

Monday, September 14

The Greatest Investing A/B Test of All Time

An A/B test is a simple thing: You produce two versions of something, send it to a broad audience, and see which performs better. Facebook was built this way, through tens of thousands of small design tweaks; so were many other technology platforms you use every day. Even Institutional Investor’s newsletter subject lines are constantly A/B tested to see which performs.

For investing, 2020 provides one of the greatest A/B tests of all time.

Many different portfolios entered 2020. They were all subjected to a historical market crash and recovery, to a global economic recession, and to unprecedented government intervention.

Which portfolio – in essence, which version of Facebook’s design – endured the test best? Which strategies, tactics, tilts, allocations, and hedges performed as they should have? Which governance structures, team dynamics, and talent weathered the crisis most robustly?

At the E&F Annual Roundtable, compare notes with your peers and partners – so that you’re ready for whatever else 2020 throws at you.


Thursday, September 17

2020: The Grand Alternatives Laboratory Experiment

Most alternatives managers marketed their strategies as providing diversification and protection on the downside. They were supposed to do well in turmoil – much like the chaos and crashes felt in 2020.

Did they live up to their promises?

The pandemic, and the resulting market crash and recovery, gave asset allocators a unique opportunity to test and evaluate their portfolio strategies – and asset management partners – just like one would in a controlled lab experiment.

From hedge funds to private credit to real assets, what performed as they were supposed to? Which strategies deviated from their objectives?

At the E&F Annual Roundtable, analyze the claims, benefits, and drawbacks of alternative strategies gained from the pandemic’s aftermath.

2020 Advisory Board

We thank our 2020 Advisory Board for their input into this year's agenda.

Kristin Agatone
Lehigh University

Archibald E. Asawa
Soka University of America

Mark Baumgartner
Institute for Advanced Study

James Bell
Beth Israel Lahey Health

Howard Berner
Principia College

Jim Bethea
University of Iowa Foundation

Kathleen Browne
Denison University

Amy Chen
Smithsonian Institution

James Clarke
Kansas University Endowment Association

Kelsey Deshler
Carleton College

John DeSisto
Yawkey Foundations

Brian Doyle
Communities Foundation of Texas

James J. Dunn
Verger Capital Management

David E. Erickson
Ascension Investment Management

Craig Grenier
Northeastern University

Geetanjali Gupta
New York Public Library

Britt Harris

Jeffrey Heil
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

Rosalind M. Hewsenian
Helmsley Trust

Richard Hisey
Berklee College of Music

David J. Holmgren
Hartford HealthCare

Jonathan D. Hook
The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation

Clarissa C. Hunnewell
Boston University

Meredith Jenkins
Trinity Wall Street

Letitia Johnson
Amherst College

Brian Johnson
University of Southern California

Elizabeth Jourdan
Mercy Health

Charles A. Kennedy
Carnegie Mellon University

Mark B. Kerwin
Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Jason Klein
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Richard Kraich
West Virginia University Foundation

Katharine Krieger
Broad Foundation

Chun Lai
Rockefeller Foundation

William Lee
New York Presbyterian Hospital

Kim Y. Lew
Carnegie Corporation of New York

Jason Matz
GHR Foundation

Zackery McGuire
University of Georgia Foundation

Muthu Muthiah
Group Health Foundation

Keith Nelson
Texas Children's Hospital

May Ng
Annie E. Casey Foundation

Anurag Pandit
ALSAC / St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Jason Perlioni
Johns Hopkins University

Charles J. Pippin
Pepperdine University

Scott M. Pittman
Mount Sinai Health System

Scott Richland
California Institute of Technology

Philip Rotner
Boston Children's Hospital

Karl Scheer
University of Cincinnati

Susan Slocum
Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota

Rick Slocum
Harvard Management Company, Inc.

Nicholas A. Warren
Brandeis University

George Wilson
Boston Foundation

Shawn Wischmeier
Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies

Burton Yuen
Kamehameha Schools


Institutional Investors

Katarina Storfer

Asset Managers

Raina Bedard