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AII & III Regional Roundtables

Jun 16th - Sep 22nd 2021
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This summer, beginning in late June and running through September, the Institutional and Alternative Investor Institutes will be holding a series of small regional events that will bring together asset allocators and asset managers in a safe and exciting way.

See below for the event dates, our principles of safety, and how you can register.

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FAQs (for AII & III Members)

1. Can I send more than one person to a Regional Roundtable?
To keep the Regional Roundtables as Covid-secure as possible and focused on small groups, the rule is ‘one-spot-one-member’ for each day of the Regional Roundtables. Said another way: Unlike regular Roundtables, we won’t allow firms to switch attendees half-way through the day.

2. Can I see an attendee list?
Outreach and registration for asset allocators and investment consultants have begun. We will come back with a preliminary list of attendees later in the spring.

3. Will the agendas for Alternative Investor Institute and Institutional Investor Institute be different for each city?
Yes. We will have different streamed-in speakers and discussion topics will vary from day-to-day.

4. What safety measures are you putting in place?
We will focus on health screenings on-site, social distancing, frequent cleaning, and require attendees to wear masks until no longer necessary. Specifics of safety protocols will be announced in advance to each Roundtable.

5. Can I attend a Regional Roundtable virtually?
No, the Roundtables will be structured around in-person, interactive discussion groups.

6. How do I submit my cities/dates preferences?
On March 22, we will send all Members in good standing* the city selection survey. You will have until March 31 to force-rank all 12 cities/dates. We will do our best to match you up with your preferences, and will confirm your access by early May.

*Make sure your Membership is renewed, and Virtual-Only Members have topped-up to include a Live component.

7. When will I find out which Regional Roundtables I can attend?
Your personal schedule will be emailed to you by early May.

8. What if I need to change my dates after the selection happens?
Let us know as soon as your schedule changes and we will do our best to accommodate them. Please note that after the selection process concludes, space will be limited. 

9. What if I have a special circumstance?
Let your relationship manager know before March 31. We will do our best to accommodate these circumstances during our matching process.

10. For Virtual-Only Members: What does it really mean to “top up” my Membership?
To attend the Regional Roundtables, you must add a Live component to your Membership. Depending on your Membership cycle, various top-up fees will be applied. Please reach out to your relationship manager for details.


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