European Multi-Family Office Symposium, Geneva

Feb 21st 2023
Fairmont Grand Hotel Geneva

Institutional Investor’s European Multi-Family Office Symposium in Geneva will explore all aspects of collaboration including topics such as the geopolitical and macro environment, social upheaval, public markets, real estate opportunities, private markets, cryptocurrency, cutting-edge technology, and sustainability, among other topics. It will offer a forum in which a variety of perspectives, ideas and viewpoints will be provided on critical issues and how to navigate a multi-family office through them.

The symposium will use a variety of formats to achieve this goal, including expert presentations, small working groups, family-only sessions, and workshops.


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Advisory Board

Boris Jurczyk, Head of Liquid Assets, AURETAS family trust GmbH, Germany

Patrick Stutz, Chief Investment Officer, Bayshore Capital GmbH, Switzerland

Robert Sears, Partner, Chief Investment Officer, CapGen, United Kingdom

James Wilcox, Managing Partner, Floreat Group, United Kingdom

Belal Mohammed Khan, Executive Director & CIO, Geneva Management Group, Switzerland

David Diez de Artazcoz, Senior Portfolio Manager & Financial Analyst, HBS SA, Switzerland

Mark Cunningham, Partner, Holbein Partners, United Kingdom 

Robert Rayner, Client Advisor, Saranac Partners, United Kingdom

Marc Buchli, Chief Executive Officer, Silverhorn, Switzerland

Monah Shah, Head of ESG Investment, Stonehage Fleming, United Kingdom

Jonatan Lisalde, Synergy Asset Management SA, Switzerland

Mark Florman, Chairman & CEO, Time Partners Limited, United Kingdom

Adina Krausz, CEO, InnoSource Ventures AG, Switzerland

Paul Reynolds, Chief Executive Officer, Thamesis Limited, United Kingdom

Wim Alegart, Board Member, TRUNCUS, Belgium 

Per Wimmer, Founder & CEO, Wimmer Family Office, United Kingdom


For more information or general enquiry, please contact:

Alex Beveridge


For Asset Managers interested in sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Jonathon Rocchi

Sales Director

+44 (0) 207 779 8531