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Fixed Income's New Investment Paradigm

Nov 16th 2021

Over recent years, fixed income investors have had to learn to grapple with the challenge of investing through a period of historically low interest rates. This may be changing as the pressure of rising inflation is placed to start pushing up interest rates. However, this does not make investing into fixed income any easier, and in many ways creates a whole new set of challenges. In this exclusive session, we will hear from two leading fixed income investment experts on their expectations for fixed income markets in 2022, including thoughts on FED policy, rising interest rates, the evolving role of fixed income in institutional portfolios, and the potential role of absolute return income in portfolios moving forward.

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Janus Henderson Investors

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*Source: Janus Henderson Investors. Staff and AUM data as at 30 June 2020. AUM data excludes Exchange-Traded Note (‘ETN’) assets.


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